Founded by Xiansheng Bing F. YeYoung in Sacramento California, USA in 2000, YeYoung Culture Studies focuses on the five aspects of traditional Chinese arts for a mindful self-cultivation: Chinese Sages and their Philosophies, Meditation (Qi Gong, Neidan, and Taiji quan), Divination and Numerology (I Ching and Fengshui), Poetry and Calligraphy, and Qin Music. YCS is committed to share and promote these studies and practices, continue to conduct research, publish results, and provide teaching and consulting services to the widest possible audience.

Xiansheng YeYoung was born into the YeYoung Family of the Ming Imperial Clan. He studied arts and philosophy and taught full time at Tiedao University in Lanzhou, China. After June Fourth, 1989, he left China and came to San Francisco, California.

Xiansheng YeYoung's distinctive background comes from his old-fashioned family Literati training, extensive studies with masters and monks, and modern scholarship in the five Chinese classical disciplines. As a grand master level practitioner and a vigorous scholar, he is uniquely situated to mediate between theories and practices, to clarify and/or de-mystify what are often obscure points of theory and practice, and to bring the full benefits of the studies and practices to everyone.

Lineages And Transmissions
2008 High Tantric studies and practice under His Holiness Dagchen Rinpoche
2005 Taoist Neidan studies and practice under his father Wen Gai's guidance, USA-China
2002 High Tantric studies and practice under His Holiness Dagchen Rinpoche of the Sakya Order, who holds the third highest religious position in Tibetan Buddhism, USA
1999 Met the requirements and qualified as the Patriarch of the YeYoung Tradition, China
Received the Lineage and Transmission from the late Songye Lama, Tibet. Continue Taoist Neidan practice under his father Wen Gai's guidance, China
1997 Qin Music studies and practice under Grand Master Li Mingzhong, China
1997 Tantric studies and practice under hermit, the late Songye Lama and the Kanpu, the late Dondrop Lama, Tibet
1995 Advanced YeYoung Traditional training, including I Ching, Feng Shui, Sizhu, the YeYoung Meditation, and Advanced Classical Poetry and Literature Studies under his father Wen Gai
Oracle Bone & Bronze Vessel Inscription Studies, Chinese Antiquity Appraisal Apprenticeship, China
1994 Taoist Kongtong Martial Arts and Kongtong Nei Gong, Advanced Chen Family Large frame Taiji studies and practice under the late Kongtong Lineage Bearer Qi Youren, China
1979 Chen Family Large Frame Taiji quan studies and practice under the Tenth Patriarch Chen Zhaokui, China
1979 Buddhist Tian Tai Meditation practice under the late Abbot Zhaung Yin, China
1975 Basic YeYoung Tradition training under his grandfather, the late Patriarch YeYoung Ren: Classics of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism, Classical Poetry and Literature, Literati Painting & Calligraphy, Daoyin and Neidan, China
1973 Chen Family Large Frame Taiji quan, Taoist Kongtong Nei Gong practice under the late grand master Qi Youren, China
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